Hydravid Sofware Review


Features Of The Basic Hydravid Version:

  1. Supports proxies
  2. Supports Spintax
  3. Creates reports for all uploaded videos
  4. Creates unique video by adding a slide at the end of the video.
  5. Create unlimited accounts on Vimeo, Youtube ore Daily Motion

Price Of Hydravid Basic: 27$


Download hydravid basic Here

OTO 1 :Features Of Hydravid Pro:

  1. The pro version of the sofware allows you to look for top rated videos based on your keyword.
  2. Integration of Spinrewriter or The Best Spinner to automatically spin the content
  3. Autoposting feature that will post your videos to the best social bookmarking sites

Price Of Hydravid Pro: 47$


OTO 2 : Full Resell Rights To The Sofware

You get the resell rights which is a bargain in my opinion. Even if you have a small list than you will earn this money back pretty fast.


Price Of The OTO 2: 97$


I hope you’ve found my hydravid review helpful!

Buy Hydravid Here

buy hydravid Review

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On the 6th of January will Walter Bayliss his new Hydravid video software be launched! I was given a review copy to show how the software works

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